ACCA empowering women in finance globally 

LAHORE ( Web News )

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) publishes inspiring personal journeys of several women in finance from around the world in the new ‘Leading Inclusion: Simple Steps and Significant Leaps’ report.

Detailing a unique mix of experiences from ACCA’s members and future members, this latest report highlights the opportunities and obstacles they have faced in their pursuit of success. The individual stories shared highlight career milestones and offer food for thought with reflections on a range of topics from balancing family life to job promotions. Given the real threat of inequality in the profession, the stories from these women provide much needed career motivation to aspiring finance professionals everywhere.

The report specially highlights the distinctive views of a professional around the world from Abu Dhabi to Zambia.  Each story shares personal reflections on topics from moving away from home and finding a mentor in the workplace to seeing the bigger picture around accountancy and finance.

Helen Brand OBE, chief executive of ACCA said: ‘The stories shared in this report provide inspiration for any finance professional looking to succeed, as the accounts encourage those already in the profession and help them be alive to the opportunities around them. No one is immune to struggles but through sharing experiences we can all learn from each other and approach circumstances more confidently. The pandemic has intensified the challenges that many people face with inequalities seemingly intensifying. So this is the time to tell our own stories, learn lessons from each other and all play our role in building a fairer profession for all.’

Report author, Clive Webb, ACCA head of business management said: ‘ACCA has had inclusion and access to all as a core value since it’s foundation in 1904. The Leading Inclusion: Simple Steps and Significant Leaps report discusses the relevance of this agenda to accountancy and finance professionals. Through presenting several stories from ACCA’s women members and future members from around the world, people see that what may, at times, seem unachievable can in fact be attained. This compilation of stories is truly a global testament to this.’

The women profiled and their headline stories are:
·        Sombo Chunda – The girl who crossed the stream – Zambia but now residing in the US
·        Rachael Agen Tegwi – Never stop dreaming – Cameroon
·        Ta Thi Thuy Hang – The love of numbers – Vietnam
·        Siti Fatimah – The one who always gives the answers – Malaysia
·        Janice Wong – ‘I prefer creating money’ – HK SAR of China but worked in mainland China
·        Dawn Williams – ‘Giving students work experience’ – Barbados
·        Anastasia Chalkidou – ‘I’m wearing all my previous hats’ – Greece but worked in Belgium
·        Eriona Bajrakurtaj – ‘My dream was to be a businesswoman’ – UK
·        Geeta Degaonkar – ‘Don’t have a glass ceiling in your mind’ – India
·        Looi Pui Mun – ‘It’s dangerous out there’ – Malaysia
·        Christina Christoforou – ‘Not being pigeonholed’ – UK
·        Ayesha Al Zaabi – ‘Accountants are funny!’ – Abu Dhabi

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