FPCCI and China consider agro-tourism projects

Qurban Ali proposes to set up Pak-China Model Village, Pak-China Agri Research Centers

Cooperation and collaboration in the agricultural sector will greatly help in the development of agricultural technology and the overall development of the sector, said Mirza Abdul Rehman.

Agriculture, livestock and fisheries to be linked to tourism: Gu Wen Lang


FPCCI and China’s agro-tourism project are under consideration۔ Agreed on various projects in Pakistan including development of agriculture, research and development, training of farmers through agricultural experts.  Qurban Ali Chairman FPCCI also proposed to the Chinese Commissioner for Agriculture to set up Pak-China Model Village, Pak-China Agri Research Centers. Dr. Gu Wan Lang’s full cooperation assurance.

According to details, a meeting on agriculture was held at the Capital Office of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Pakistan under the chairmanship of FPCCI Capital Office Qurban Ali.The meeting was attended by the Commissioner of Agriculture of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Dr.Guo Wenling as the special guest while former Chairman FB Dr. Irshad, former Commissioner I&R Khalid Javed, former Vice President Gilgit Small Chamber Shafqat Ali, I&Q Management Expert Imtiaz Ali Khan, Business Consultant Fargha Ata-ur-Rehman, Ibad Ali EC Member FPCCI, Director of Private Limited Agro Informatics Mobin Alam, Mehboob Rabbani President Hunza Chamber, Rehmat Karim Hunza Chamber and others participated. Addressing the gathering,

Qurban Ali, Chairman FPCCI Capital Office, said that there are ample potential for increasing agricultural production in Pakistan. Cooperation  in the agricultural sector between Pakistan and China will greatly help in developing agricultural and allied sectors in Pakistan. He said that 90% of the population of Gilgit-Baltistan is dependent on agriculture and allied sector. Apart from cultivating agricultural commodities, fresh fruits and dried fruits are also grown here. Qurban Ali suggested that since Gilgit-Baltistan is the gateway to CPEC, there is dire need of establishing here Pak-China Model Village and Pak-China Agri Research.

Mirza Abdul Rehman, Coordinator, FPCCI Capital Office, said that it is necessary to take full advantage of the MoUs reached between the two countries. Under which transfer of technology and capacity building are important aspects of this cooperation and he added that CPEC will be transformed into agricultural research and cooperation in the next phase. Speaking on the occasion,

Chinese Commissioner for Agriculture Dr. Guo Wenling thanked the participants and said that the governments and institutions of the two countries must work together for the development of agriculture. He said that agriculture, livestock and fisheries should be linked with tourism as these three things are the center of attraction for tourists. Dr.Guo Wenling added that steps would be taken to train Pakistani farmers by the Chinese experts and this initiated especially in Gilgit-Baltistan. He said that a plateform of China-Pakistan Agriculture and Industrial Cooperation has already been established from which full support can be sought in this regard. He also assured his full support in all fields including agriculture, livestock, dairy, farming, fisheries including transportation, food processing. Finally,

Qurban Ali and Mirza Abdul Rehman presented the traditional shields of FPCCI to Chinese Commissioner for Agriculture Dr.Guoin Lang and former Chairman FBR Dr. Irshad.