Bank Islami has signed a joint branding agreement with PIA

Karachi: Bank Islami has signed a joint branding agreement with PIA for its aircraft

KARACHI (Web News) – Pakistan’s leading institution in Islamic banking, Bank Islami, has given the bank access to new heights of development by signing a joint branding agreement with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for its aircraft. All aircraft of the flag carrier airline will be adorned with Bank Islami headrests and pillowcases, which will give current and prospective customers acquaintance and familiarity with Bank Islami. PIA operates 43 destinations with 100 daily flights. Provides its services to, which not only makes it the largest airline in terms of number of connections but also makes it a top priority for people traveling across Pakistan. Through this partnership process Bank Islami is promoting the positive image and identity of its brand as one of the leading financial institutions in the country. This partnership between the two major institutions in their respective fields not only gives access to new customers for Bank Islami. New ways of doing things will be created and at the same time the relationship with the existing customers will be strengthened. Expressing his views on the occasion, Syed Amir Ali, President and CEO of Bank Islami, said, “At a time when it has become imperative to provide simple and easy means of financial services to the people, Bank Islami Ensuring that this process of customer access is technically proficient in terms of technology and also in accordance with Shariah principles. He added that the products we offer are the most appropriate and important and in line with PIA. Our main objective of this partnership is to gain the attention of the local travelers by informing them about the facilities, safety and peace of mind offered by Bank Islami as an institution. Schedule is an Islamic bank with more than 340 branches spread across 123 cities across the country. The bank specializes in Islamic Riba-free products and services, which are delivered to customers in a highly efficient and friendly manner.