Chairman LWMC Resigned, Will not be a part of corruption, Malik Amjad Ali Noon

Will not be a part of corruption, treachery and conspiracies of the corrupt mafia-Chairman LWMC Malik Amjad Ali Noon


In the near future, I am foreseeing corruption, dishonesty, conspiracies and filth in the organization of which I do not want to be a part. The corrupt mafia is eager to dole out worth Rs 110 billion contract and come up with new plans of corruption every day. This mafia wants to make the company a ferment of corruption which was not possible in my presence. As the Chairman LWMC, I thwarted all these corrupt intentions, but when there are disputes between the higher authorities, which are on the part of the CM Secretariat and the Provincial Minister for Industry and Commerce, Mian Aslam Iqbal, it is better for the Chairman to resign. These views were expressed by the Chairman LWMC in his statement issued to the media.

Malik Amjad Ali Noon

He added that In September 2020, Chief Minister Punjab entrusted me to take over as the Chairman of the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) with the primary responsibility of resuscitating a failing company. The foreign subcontractors were holding all of Lahore’s cleanliness functions hostage. At their hands, waste management in the city had been in continuous decline. Along with the MD and board of directors, we worked very hard to institute order within the company and by extension, within the city of Lahore.
However, bypassing all processes of meritocracy and transparency, the Minister of Industries, Commerce and Investment has been empowered to oversee procedures within the organization to “design cost-effective solutions with a road map / strategy for future plans”. Rather than add value to the operations of the company, he has exercised influence to obstruct and thwart the workings of the LWMC. I’m sure that the contracts to be awarded shortly will also lack the transparency that is necessary for the LWMC to continue functioning as a strong and independent organization.
When Chief Minister Punjab asked me to take over this company, I worked in an honorary capacity, keeping the goals of the city and the country as my main objective. I have worked to revive a failing organization, chartered a plan for execution, addressed, mitigated and corrected institutional financial malpractices, delivered a closure on contracts with Turkish companies, retained the organization’s assets and machinery, and made interim functioning arrangements until there is the finalization of new contracts.
Given the level of political and bureaucratic interference, the obvious disregard for meritocracy and transparency, I cannot in good faith continue as the Chairman LWMC. I have tried repeatedly to appraise CM Punjab in the person of these grave circumstances. My resignation comes as a last attempt to direct CM Punjab’s attention to the affairs of the LWMC in an attempt to restore order.
By the grace of Allah, I have delivered on every objective. Long term plan of LWMC has also been made and will be shared with Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to the CM Punjab on Economic Affairs and Planning & Development) after getting approved by Board of Directors.

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