PTA did not consult with steak holders on social media rules. Chief Justice


The Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Athar Minullah, has said that it seems that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) He did not consult with steak holders while making social media rules. On Monday, petitions against social media rules were heard in the Islamic State Court. Attorney General of Pakistan

Barrister Khalid Javed Khan appeared and told the court that the social media rulesThese letters are made and are ready to take suggestions from steak holders in this regard. And ready to review these rules, closing a platform is not the solution to the problem, I will present the report in court after consultation with stakeholders. On this, Chief Justice Athar Minullah said that the proposal of the Attorney General is very appropriate and stacked Holders should consult with the PTA and inform the court four weeks after consultation. Chief Justice Athar Minullah said that consultation should be held so that there is no ambiguity, calling stakeholders is a very appropriate proposal. During the hearing, the lawyers of the petitioners said that the PTA had already asked us for suggestions.  Our suggestions were ignored and not included, but a written assurance should be taken from the Attorney General. The court told the petitioners’ lawyers that you have to trust the Attorney General of Pakistan and this court too. Attorney General of She trusts Pakistan very much. The court has sought a report from the Attorney General after consulting with stakeholders in four weeks

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