Zong 4G and SIUT join hands to relay authentic healthcare messages


To respond and create awareness around COVID-19, Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network has partnered with Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), which is at the forefront in Sindh in the battle against the pandemic. As a socially responsible entity, Zong 4G will now extend its network and communication services to relay authentic healthcare messages to the Pakistani public.

As part of the partnership and to support the community at large, authentic healthcare text messages will be disseminated to approximately 4.5 million people in Pakistan by Zong 4G, helping the marginalized members of the society. Pakistan’s largest and widest 4G network of the country will work alongside SIUT to fight COVID-19 through this SMS based awareness campaign, which while educating the people, would also encourage them to donate generously to the hospital.

“This partnership is geared to meet the priority of improving Covid-19 awareness in Pakistan, based on the principle of inclusion and healthcare access for all. According to National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), majority of Pakistan’s total coronavirus cases are now locally transmitted, hence, there is a real need for concerted focus on creating awareness& control the spread of Covid-19. ” said the company spokesperson.

He continued, “We look forward to continue collaboration with the government and expanding this programme with reputable implementation partners to other parts of Pakistan as well. As a socially responsible entity, we are extending our network and our communication services to help the stakeholders to respond and create awareness around COVID-19.”

These awareness messages will not only inform people on how to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 but also how to protect themselves and their loved ones. The new partnership will help the messages reach wider audiences across Pakistan. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Zong 4G, in continuation to its commitment to create awareness around COVID-19 has stepped forward as a caring brand, fully aware of its corporate social responsibilities towards the nation.

As the first operator to test 5G and successfully connect South Asia’s first 5G video call, Zong 4G is the leader in innovation and technology. The largest, widest and fastest 4G network of the country, Zong 4G has been relentlessly working to support the Government, hospitals and stakeholders in their fight against COVID-19. The company has recently partnered with the Federal and Provincial Governments, Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Indus Hospital, UNICEF Pakistan, HEC, SIUT, NIH and NDMA.