6Th Census. The population increased by 146.6 % since Census-1981.


The provisional summary results of the 6th Population & Housing Census were presented to the CCI today. The CCI took note of the position and after detailed discussion allowed the Ministry of Statistics to disseminate the provisional results and directed the PBS to expedite the compilation of the final results.

The provisional results show the total population of Pakistan as 207.774 million, with an average annual growth rate of 2.4% over a period of 1998-2017.

The Provisional summary results show an overall increase in population by 57% over the year 1998, while the population increased by 146.6 % since Census-1981. There is a decline in the population growth rate at national level and in Punjab and Sindh Provinces, while an increase has been observed in the Provinces of KP, Balochistan and FATA.

As per the Provisional results, the urban population shows a growing trend with 36.38 % of the population living in urban areas. The comparative position of Provinces and Areas shows similar trend in urban population with a slightly higher increase in the Punjab. On the other hand a significant decrease has been observed in the percentage of urban population in ICT which gone down from 65.72% to 50.58%, indicating that growth occurred in the rural areas of Islamabad. Amongst the provinces, Sindh is the most urbanized province, where 52.02% population lives in urban areas. The detail of Press Release here …..Press Release 25-08-2018

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