The Camon CX represents the next step in smartphone technology for the Pakistani market


Our focus has always been on developing reliable technology that can be used in all environments and locations.In the last 10 years, we have continued to offer innovative mobile solutions that focus on smartphones, app management and highly optimised audio features. The Tecno company representative speak in function.

The Camon CX represents the next step in smartphone technology for the Pakistani market. It incorporates all of our learning from previous TECNO product launches as well as feedback from consumers about their likes and dislikes. We have found that the overwhelming response from our customers is that they want to be able to take high quality selfies.

Camon CX series innovative features: (below are the features that Camon CX / CX AIR own)

  • The Camon CX has been designed specifically for young, independent selfie lovers.
  • We think the Camon CX will be the Best Selfie Camera” for Pakistani
  • It will revolutionise how people take pictures with their smartphone, allowing consumers to take brighter, clearer and faster selfies than ever before.

Dual 16MP,Dual front-flash: Camon CX comes with a smart dual-front-flash system to double the amount of light and brighten the imaging process adequately, 136% brighter than the previous model and 30% brighter over a single flash

High color gamut display:  CX with 1500:1 contrast ratio makes the dark even darker and the white whiter. With 85% NTSC color gamut, Rated 500 nits, the super-bright screen demonstrates vibrantly and consistently both in direct sunlight and indoors.

The Camon CX makes full use of our ‘4 in 1’ technology, bringing together the latest denoising tech, a 5.5 inch Full HD screen, 16 mega pixels and the dual-front flash to produce incredible images.

Fingerprint Selfie: The fingerprint sensor does not only recognize who you are, but also serves as a snap button for recording life in 0.1s.

400 PPI(Pixels Per Inch), the higher PPI is , the clearer the picture is, human eye can recognize 300 PPI only

Charge 10 minutes, standby 24 hours

 Our Commitment to new market (Pakistan)

  • At TECNO Mobile, we pride ourselves on thinking globally and acting locally, designing products that work for people in their environment.
  • We are committed to delivering tech products that push the boundaries of what is possible in a phone.
  • We want to make smartphone technology accessible for everyone at a sweet price
  • We are proud of the innovation we bring to the smartphone market. Behind every product we make, there have been many thousands of hours of research and development to produce smartphone technology that increases computing capabilities maximises battery and offers state-of-the-art connectivity.
  • TECNO Mobile also delivers a promise for its smart phones – 100 days’ replacement as well as one year and an additional month’s warranty.

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