MoIT is seeking the federal Cabinet’s approval for market test of the 5G in Pakistan


The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom is seeking the federal Cabinet’s approval for market test of the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile communications in the country.

According to a statement, the ministry in its proposal said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) will identify and set aside appropriate bandwidth in the frequency spectrum.

The PTA will also roll out test trial facility for new technologies through a regulatory framework while testing entities will be allowed access to frequency blocks reserved for 5G for testing purposes only, the statement read.

Although the 5G is still under research and development phase globally, and is expected to be standardised by International Telecommunication Union Radio communication Sector in 2019, Pakistan aims to be one of the first countries to test, trial and launch the 5G mobile technology.

Minister of State for IT Anusha Rahman said the ministry is committed to accelerated digitisation through proliferation of broadband, particularly mobile broadband services in the country.

5G is expected to act as a major catalyst in taking Pakistani ICT market and usage to a whole new level for the benefit of economy and masses, she added.


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