Information Technology Sector in Pakistan is making phenomenal progres


Information Technology Sector in Pakistan is making phenomenal progress from last few years. It is a growing and rising industry which hold a lot of potential. As per survey of 2011, Pakistan is ranked as one of the top country that have a high growth rate in internet penetration. It can be seen through the fact that Pakistan possesses almost 20 million internet users.

This growth is particularly great in the engineering and software sector. Almost all the big companies in Pakistan have and IT sector and all these are providing sufficient number of IT jobs in Lahore, Karachi and many other big cities.

According to some figures on internet, out of current population of 6 billion, 1.3 percent resources of the world are consumed by the poorest 20 percent while 86 percent of all goods and services are consumed by the richest 20 percent.

Those countries which have mastered the art of Science & Technology have prospered in their IT sector and thus are living comfortably. While, countries like Pakistan, which come under the category of developing nations, have made little progress in the IT sector. These countries are unaware of how to utilize their talented resources properly.

But, since last few years, there has been a sense of awareness in people about the information technology sector of Pakistan. If the government funds our country properly in this sector, there is no doubt that in the coming years, we will be ranked in the list of those countries which have changed the world through technology.


Hafiza Ayesha Khalid, a Computer Science graduate from PUCIT, Pakistan, a freelance and a technical writer.


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