#BetterDigitalWorld by promoting better digital access, security, understanding and redress.


TheNetwork for Consumer Protection is joining consumer organisations around the world to campaign for a ‘Digital World Consumers Can Trust.’ In this regard, it is urging law and policy makers and telecom regulators to take tangible steps that consumers can trust the digital world.

The initiative has teed off as part of World Consumer Rights Day, which is observed on March 15 every year. Coordinated by Consumers International, the occasion aims to create a #BetterDigitalWorld by promoting better digital access, security, understanding and redress The news reported.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Nadeem Iqbal, the CEO of TheNetwork has pointed out that while the Internet has changed consumers’ lives dramatically, there are important questions that need to be addressed such as how can we establish internet access for everyone; how can consumers stay secure online; What happens to data we share; and what are consumers’ rights in relation to digital products.

Creating simple, efficient online redress systems will help build confidence in digital products, as too often, consumers cannot exercise the same rights online as they do offline. The cost, time and effort required to resolve e-commerce disputes can be significant, which could discourage consumers from seeking redress, especially in low value transactions.

“Consumers should also be able given clear and informed choices so that they know how to use products and services safely and effectively. The tendency to put lots of information in lengthy terms and conditions puts a heavy burden on them to digest and translate huge amounts of information,” demanded Nadeem.

There is evidence people are worried about many aspects of what is happening when they go online. They are concerned about how secure their data is. And they have every right to be as over half a billion digital personal records were lost or stolen in 2015, leaving 429 million identities exposed – and that’s just the ones we know about, as many breaches go unreported.

People worry about what is happening to their data online. In fact, three quarters (74%) of people worldwide are concerned about how companies online use their information.

Despite the growth of online sales, in 2015, online retail sales accounted for 7.4 per cent of total worldwide sales, worth around 1.55 trillion US dollars, people still aren’t sure what their rights to redress online is.

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