Collectively Transforming Through Technology Creating Pathways To Transparency and Progress. Marriyum


Collective progress is contingent upon adopting breakthrough technology leading to creating pathways to transparency and efficiency. Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage stated while overseeing the new media initiative in the first consultation session with the stakeholders on Automation System of Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) here, in Islamabad today.

Media and government are aligned in exploring potential proposals and creative ideas that enable greater progress and prosperity, reiterated the Minister. She further stated the need of the hour to introduce modern day technology aiming for higher automation and computerization of ABC, to ensure credible and authentic circulation data.

The Stakeholders, during the meeting, were presented a comprehensive roadmap of the automation system of Audit Bureau of Circulation in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board showcasing their dynamic website and management information system to transform the 7 manual process chains of ABC, into a high-tech automated system transforming the ABC certification process a credible benchmark for both advertisers and advertising agencies.

The Minister of State further emphasized the growing need of a pragmatic, realistic and holistic approach in seeking valuable input, promoting positive discourse and encouraging healthy exchange of ideas to streamline the existing process of Audit Circulation through facilitation and team building, towards making it a transparent and progressive narrative for the masses. Once the online system is in place, it will not only be beneficial for the media industry but will also enhance good governance, concluded the Minister.

She further elaborated that training and capacity building will be an integral and continuous during different phases of the project for regional and local Newspapers to facilitate the stakeholders at all levels.

The next round of talks is scheduled to be held on April 03, 2017.
The stakeholder meeting was attended by Principle Information Officer, Press Information Department, Islamabad, Director General Internal Publicity Wing, M/O IB & NH, Director Audit Bureau of Circulation, Secretary Information Sindh, Secretary Information Coordination, Gilgit Baltistan, Secretary Information KPK, Director Headquarter, Information Department, Punjab and President APNs, General Secretary CPNE and senior officials of the Ministry of Information, and broadcasting.