PTCL yet to update customers about optic fiber cable cuts


Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) Executive Vice President (EVP) Marketing Shahzad has allegedly lied to media regarding an investigative committee formulated by the PTCL for finding reasons behind massive fiber cuts in various parts of country recently.

The PTCL has not updated its customers, government and media about the outcome of committee’s investigations despite the passage of a month, it has been revealed.

Sources confirmed that the activities were result of ill-planned offering of VSS scheme, which is aimed at reducing the PTCL employees. They said that poor employees were being forced to leave or face consequences of inconvenient postings to remote areas.

The PTCL pensioners and their families have been denied their rights and pensions for the last many years despite repeated instructions by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. “All such ill-practices by PTCL HR and legal teams over the years are fuelling disharmony, making employees uncomfortable and increasing frustration. The government and the Ministry of IT and Telecom have miserably failed to address complaints of PTCL employees and pensioners,” added sources.

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