UIT Facilitates Deliberation to Curtail Frequent Electric Blazes


Pakistan’s premier science and technology institution, Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) held a panel discussion in collaboration with Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to address frequent electric fire incidents in the city.

Being a premier Science and Technology institute, UIT is an active proponent of science and technology in the country and demonstrates equal alacrity to help troubleshoot complications caused by the use of technology. Massive blazes caused by electricity are responsible for loss of human lives and property. The issue is prevalent all across the country but the city of Karachi has witnessed many of suchunfortunate incidents recently.

UIT’s panel discussion brought together prominent experts on the subject to devise a workable way out to address the issue. Panelists included Engr. Tahir Saleem, Roland Desouza, WaliRaimoon, Irfan Ahmed, Zia Zubairi and representatives from Nespak, K-Electric and Electric Inspectorate Government of Sindh.

Sharing his thoughts on this, Director UIT, Mr. Zahir A. Syed said: “Being a premier science and technology institute, we always have an eye out for the needs of society. We try to reach out to resolve difficulties by employing latest technology. Frequent fire incidents are emerging as a leading menace in the country which warrants immediate intervention by experts of the field. We convened this panel discussion so experts from various prominent organizations could deliberate and advise a way forward. UIT will continue to provide a platform for such useful initiatives to bring science and technology to the service of society.”

Usman Institute is a leading Science and Technology Institute which is affiliated with NED University of Engineering & Technology and is known for emphasizing on promotion of innovation in technology and industry through various initiatives in and outside of its academic programs.

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