Mobily partners with Nokia Networks, enhances customer experience


Mobily, a leading provider of innovative communications services, renewed its contract with Nokia Networks to manage its network operations and expand its 2G, 3G and 4G networks in order to boost its offering in Saudi Arabia’s Central and Northern regions. With this, Mobily customers in these regions receive enhanced voice and data services supported by a world-class network. Mobily’s network performance and customer experience have improved with Nokia’s industry-leading technologies, as a result of improvement in successful calls rate from 99% to about 99.5%, and 50% improvement in downlink throughput. An additional benefit of the cooperation is further reduction of Mobily’s carbon footprint, a key initiative for the company which is an industry leader on this front.

Mobily needed to simplify its network operations and vendor strategy. The challenge was that the operator had multiple vendors for each of its sites and its network was complex, multi-layer, multi-technology – which led to high operational expenditure (OPEX). So the company selected one vendor for each site to simplify its network management and deliver excellent network performance at a lower cost. This strategic action supports the company’s operational efficiency, which is one of the most important pillar of Mobily’s strategy. Nokia Networks provided all technologies (2G, 3G and 4G) with its Single RAN Advanced radio access, simplifying the network and saving costs as well as energy for Mobily. Nokia Networks’ services contract covers the Central and Northern regions, which until now have been served by other vendors, and enables Mobily to deliver the best customer experience.

Nokia Networks already has a strong understanding of Mobily’s requirements, having successfully collaborated on supplying managed services, including network operations, network planning and optimization (NPO), and care over the last three years.

Alaa Malki, Chief Network Officer (CNO) at Mobily, said: “Our top priority is ensuring the best possible customer experience even when our network becomes more complex due to multiplicity of network layers, especially when providing data services. Nokia Networks became the best choice for outsourcing Mobily’s network operations, and we renewed the contract for five more years. In addition, its radio technology will help us expand our network capacity to provide further improved voice and data services for our customers.”

Muawieh Abdul Rahman, Head of Mobily Customer Team at Nokia Networks, said: “Our global best practises in managed services help Mobily completely focus on its core business without being distracted by running its multi-technology, multi-vendor networks. With our advanced technologies and service excellence, Mobily achieves world-class network quality and operational efficiency, and consolidates its strong position in a highly competitive market. Also, our radio technologies help the operator simplify its network architecture and reduce costs.”

The Nokia Networks team has a wealth of expertise spanning 20 years of managing networks, delivering the best network service with an industrialized model. The company currently manages more than 550 million subscribers worldwide.

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