Lahore Calling: The #KaymuKaravan enters the city with a bang


The #KaymuKaravan, a one of its kind initiative by, is currently on its 10 day journey through Pakistan. The Karavan entered Lahore on the 11th of June, after a successful journey through Karachi, and will head to Islamabad/Rawalpindi for the final phase of the campaign.

Lahore has welcomed the #KaymuKaravan with the usual fervor and zeal Lahories are famous for. The #KaymuKarvan has attracted people from all walks of life and age brackets, with families and youngsters participating in the fun filled activities the Karavan has brought along. The #KaymuKarvan has been distributing exciting prizes through a number of activities, while also giving participants a chance to bag discount vouchers which they can avail while shopping through

The #KaymuKaravan also made a special stop at a bloggers meetup arranged by in Lahore. During the meetup the online gurus gave their feedback on’s performance in Pakistan and shared ideas on how Kaymu can improve its services in the country. The bloggers got on board the #KaymuKaravan as the truck made its stop at the event. The attendees engaged with the Kaymu Karavan team where they were briefed on the awareness drive of this initiative.

The #KaymuKaravan began its journey from Karachi on the 5th of June and will stop in Rawalpindi on the 16thof June. By the time the Karavan makes its final stop it would have hit 20 locations in 3 cities in just 10 days. The exact details of the timings and locations the #KaymuKaravan has gone through and will be hitting in the coming few days can be found on the Facebook page by clicking HERE.

This Karavan is an attempt by to spread awareness around the benefits of using eCommerce platforms for buying and selling. This initiative also allowed to interact directly with its customers and attain valuable feedback.

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