Nearly 7,000 phones tapped in May, ISI tells SC


Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) disclosed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it tapped 6,856 telephones across the country in the last month of May, which was a little higher than the number of calls it recorded in April, i.e. 6,742. Dawn reported.

The information was shared with a three-judge Supreme Court bench, headed by Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, which was hearing a 19-year-old suo motu case, initiated by former Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah in 1996. The former CJP had taken notice of a device found attached with his telephone by certain spy agencies.

Later, late president Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari also cited phone tapping as one of the grounds and justifications for sacking Benazir Bhutto’s second government, before the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Sajid Ilyas Bhatti submitted a sealed envelope in court. After examining the document, the court stated in its order that the spy agency had tapped 6,523 phone numbers in Feb, 6,819 in March, 6,742 in April and 6,856 in May.


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