Huawei’s R&D Department; a Rich and Prolific One!


Technologically ultra advanced and pioneer of many high tech innovative developments, Huawei Technologies is a top company whose ultimate purpose is to add tremendously to the Technological advancements being made in the Industry. With the extensively rich R&D department of Huawei, this global giant has till now successfully managed to deliver supreme quality gadgets to its valuable customers, which cater to their diverse and ever changing needs.

Huawei has set up 2012 Laboratories, which serve as the research and innovation platform and also as the technology development wing of the company, the main aim behind it being the gain of a diverse and competitive edge in future. Huawei focuses on making continuous investments in key technologies, architectures, and standards in the ICT field. Huawei R&D’s work force is dedicated to providing broader, smarter, and more energy-efficient pipes that require zero wait time, thereby creating a better experience for users.

The extremely creative employees of Huawei work closely with partners from the industry, academia, and research institutes. Their goal is to take the lead in research, innovation, and implementation of future networks.

Huawei has also set up 28 joint innovation centers with leading carriers to translate leading technologies into a competitive edge and business success for customers.

Huawei has over 70,000 product and solution R&D employees, comprising more than 45% of our total workforce worldwide. 16 R&D centers have been setup in countries that include Germany, Sweden, the US, France, Italy, Russia, India, and China.
As an important contributor to the ICT industry, Huawei applies standards to the industry in key standards organizations and key standards projects, participates in and supports mainstream international standards, and makes a variety of positive contributions.

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