Education Minister praises AmanTech’s quality and passion to serve


The Federal Minister for Education, Mr. Baligh-ur-Rehman, visited the Aman Foundation to tour the facilities of AmanTech today.The Federal Minister was very impressed with the facilities and praised AmanTech’s efforts in upskilling the youth of Pakistan: “AmanTech is doing an impressive job of empowering the youth of Pakistan and the Federal Government is interested in having the Aman Foundation as a strategic partner in our efforts in vocational training.”

The CEO of Aman Foundation, Mr. Malik Ahmad Jalal, AmanTech’s Chairman, Mr. Ahsan Jamil, and the CEO of AmanTech, Mr. Shams Badruddin, briefed the Minister on the Aman Foundation and on AmanTech. The Minister shared the Education Ministry’s plans for Pakistan to build and improve in the area of vocational training, and sought AmanTech’s assistance in consulting and advising the government to improve the outcomes for the youth of Pakistan.

Mr. Ahsan Jamil, Chairman of AmanTech, spoke at the occasion, adding: “AmanTech has focused on quality and market relevant skills so that our graduates are highly employable. Partnering with the Government is ultimately the way to real transformation at scale”.

Also speaking on the occasion, Malik Ahmad Jalal, the CEO of Aman Foundation said “We are very grateful to the Minister for visiting the Aman Foundation and AmanTech today. We believe in the Government’s mission to improve the lives of ordinary Pakistanis, and offer our services to help them achieve the goals for the nation especially in the area of youth empowerment and vocational training.”

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