Telecommunication services deliver through satellites ! New Telecom Policy 2015


Ministry Information Technology & Telecom finalized Draft of ‘Telecommunications Policy 2015’ in the policy draft Spectrum Sharing, Spectrum Re-farming, and Spectrum Trading are being introduced, Continuation of existing Licensing Regime, and policy will address delivery of telecommunication services through satellites. The source from Moit confirmed

The main aim is Availability of universal, affordable and quality telecommunication services provided through open, competitive and well managed markets which can be used by people to the benefit of the economy and society.

Introduction of Competition Rules for promulgation of Competition Framework to maintain competitive and open telecommunications market, identification of significant market player and introduction of product markets for wholesale and retail services etc.;

Spectrum Management which includes:

  1. Spectrum rolling strategy will cover a period of three years and will inter alia provide visibility to the sector regarding spectrum to be auctioned or re-farmed.
  2. For Economic & Efficient use of Spectrum by the operators, the following are being introduced:
    • Spectrum Sharing,
    • Spectrum Re-farming,
    • Spectrum Trading

Continuation of existing Licensing Regime to reinforce investors’ trust/confidence in the market. Review of licensing framework will however be carried out by Dec 2016.

Provision of general authorization for Over The Top (OTT) Services;

Satellite Telecommunications with transition from Open Skies Policy to a Balanced Approach to encourage investment in this sector; this part of policy will address delivery of telecommunication services through satellites.

Communication Security for sensitizing the requirement of securing telecom networks;

Convergence: The phenomena of delivering of diverse services, belonging to the domains of telecoms, media and data services, over a single digital platform needs regulatory treatment in coming years.

Broadband Proliferation by facilitating and promoting deployment of fiber and wireless network rollout, availability of spectrum to meet the demands, suitable backhaul arrangements and promotion of competition in retail broadband market.

Rights of Way Framework to promote the expansion of Telecom Infrastructure in the country, along with requirements of Infrastructure Sharing, National Roaming and Use of Fibre.

Formulation of National Disaster Telecommunications Plan in consultation with relevant stakeholders for the provision and use of telecommunications services before, during and after a national disaster will be formulated.

Universal Service Fund and National ICT R&D Fund: Realignment of respective mandates to support ‘Accelerated Digitization’ goal of government for spurring socio-economic growth.


  1. Promulgation of Competition Rules: FY 2015-16
  2. Rights of Way Framework: FY 2015-16
  • Review of Licensing Framework: FY 2016-17
  1. Regulatory Framework for the Treatment of Over the Top (OTT) Services
  2. Spectrum Rolling Strategy
  3. Spectrum Refarming Framework
  • Spectrum Sharing Framework
  • Spectrum Trading Framework
  1. Type Approval Framework for stolen/lost mobile phones




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