Samsung announces new appliances for exceptional culinary experiences for the region


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global home appliance innovator, today announced a new lineup of premium home appliances that enable consumers to manage and master the entire cooking process from start to finish. With insights from some of the world’s top professional chefs, a new refrigerator has been developed that keeps even the most delicate ingredients as fresh as possible. A smart oven that cooks crispy and juicy food up to 50% faster than a conventional convection oven is also among the highlights on display at the 2015 Samsung MENA Forum.

This year marks the debut of the Samsung Chef Collection refrigerator, a premium professional chef-level appliance developed in collaboration with Samsung Club des Chefs, a collaboration between Samsung Home Appliances, Michelin-starred chefs and food visionaries focused on a revolutionary home appliance brand for Samsung. This first-of-its-kind global culinary initiative, launched in 2013, has brought together world class chefs to collaborate with Samsung on the development of next-generation products.

The Ultimate Refrigerator for Food Preservation

With its thoughtful attention to innovation and design, the Samsung Chef Collection 4-Door Refrigerator (model: RF9900) represents a huge leap forward in food preservation, storage, organization and meal preparation. To ensure a great dish starts with the freshest ingredients, the Samsung Chef Collection’s Precise Chef Cooling enables an exact and constant temperature. While the set temperature in conventional refrigerators can vary between 1.5 degrees, these temperature fluctuations on the Chef Collection refrigerator are dramatically reduced to 0.5 degree Celsius. In addition to this advanced technology, the Metal Cooling Plate, positioned on the back of the refrigerator compartment, helps to maintain the set temperature throughout the refrigerator, which is important in keeping food fresh and tasty. And Samsung’s Triple Cooling System creates three separate airflows in the refrigerator and freezer, enabling optimal humidity control and improved cooling performance for each compartment.

The Triple Cooling System also enables the Chef Collection Refrigerator to feature a lower right compartment – called the Fridge-in-Freezer – which can be converted from a refrigerator to a freezer and back again, and serves a multitude of needs.  It can be a fresh food prep zone for restaurant-quality meals, a storage space for frozen home-cooked meal, or a centralized area for beverage storage.

The Chef Collection refrigerator also delivers on meal preparation needs. One of the key chef insights to emerge from Samsung Club des Chefs was that professionals prefer meat and fish to maintain optimal temperatures before cooking. Samsung’s solution is the Chef Pantry, a temperature-controlled compartment within the main refrigerator that allows items like fish to be optimally chilled at -1 degree Celsius to extend quality and taste. Also, Samsung created the Chef Pan, a multi-use stainless steel container located in the refrigerator that can not only be used for marinating and storing food in the refrigerator, but can also be placed in the oven and loaded in the dishwasher.

Healthier, Crispier Food with Significantly Reduced Cooking Time

The MW8000J HotBlast™ Smart Oven incorporates new technology that makes it possible for a convection microwave to cook ‘oven-like’ food 50% quicker than a traditional convection oven. Fast, powerful hot air is blasted downwards directly onto the food from 60 equally distributed air holes. This hot and powerful air comes from a fan that is 1.6 times bigger than traditional convection ovens with a diameter of 154mm. Family favourites, such as a succulent roast chicken, can be cooked 47% quicker compared to a traditional convection oven thanks to HotBlast™. Despite the faster cooking time, the roast chicken still maintains its delicious flavour, staying crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

The MW8000J also comes equipped with a 2250w PowerGrill Duo, which is significantly more powerful than traditional grills in convection ovens, helping families enjoy perfectly grilled food much faster. Its extra wide heaters radiate more powerful and consistent heat, allowing for quicker and more even grilling. In fact, the grill heater is the same as that used in an electric oven.

Despite its compact size, every inch of space is maximised thanks to the MW8000J’s Grande Table, which lets users cook on a much larger scale. Compared to a standard microwave oven, the internal dimensions are larger and the 380mm inner plate is wider, creating an impressive 35 litre capacity. As a result, it is now easy to cook larger plates of food, even a family-sized pizza.

The premium design of the MW8000J is sleek and stylish thanks to its wide door, flushed handle, stainless steel encasement and slim chrome bezel. And, despite the MW8000J’s impressive internal capacity, it is slim enough to slot neatly into the smallest kitchen space. It is simple and convenient to use thanks to its intuitive touch controls and bright, clear LCD display, while its full-glass front blends seamlessly with other kitchen appliances, providing a premium look in any kitchen.

The MW8000J HotBlast™ Smart Oven will be available starting May 2015.


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