LG flex2 ready to compete with Samsung and Apple Smart phones


Market for new mobile phones is expanding with the pace of time. Samsung and Apple along other companies are launching new smart phones which are handy to use in New Year. LG’s new G Flex 2 has a slightly curved screen, as the name infers. LG said that curvy body makes phones easier to hold and the display easier to read. Even more notable is the fact that LG is also making the Flex 2 smaller than its predecessor, countering a trend toward bigger and bigger phones, may be because bigger phones will not be very convenient in using.
LG said it got complaints that the previous, 6-inch version felt too big. The new one will be just 5.5 inches, which LG considers the “sweet spot” for smart phones. That’s the same screen size as Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, though it’s actually slightly shorter when placed side by side.
The new phone’s “scratch-proof” back is added by self-healing properties. Scratch or notch it under normal use and the mark disappears in seconds. It sounds pretty amazing. The screen itself isn’t scratchproof but screen is protected by an LG-developed glass cover that is said to be 20% more durable than Gorilla Glass 3.
The Flex 2 has improved screen resolution over the original Flex, at 1080p high definition, though that’s still behind LG’s G3 in sharpness. Considering selfie mania around the world, the Flex 2 also introduced some selfie features and a way to quickly check the time and notifications without turning the entire screen on.
Its price in Pakistan is around 50 bucks which is lesser than the new Iphone6. Launched in this January it is headed towards Pakistan as well.

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