PIA Flight Dharna…Arjumand Hussain Fired from job.

ISLAMABAD (Abrar Mustafa):

Most of us are aware with the latest development that Arjumand Azhar Hussain, a TV artist, who reportedly lead the mob and filmed the video of politicians allegedly responsible for the delay of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight on September 16, has been fired from his job at Gerry’s Group.

This video went viral around the world in which the team of passengers led by Arjumand Hussain forcibly offloaded PML(N)’s MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar and didn’t allow former Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik to get onto the plane that had to take-off for Islamabad from Karachi.

Interesting feature that telecom industry may not have been noticed or has purposely ignored that Arjumand Hussain who was in-action at that time was completely assisted by a “Telecom Guru” Irfan Wahab Khan who is currently Chief Marketing Officer at Telenor Pakistan.

For the interest of our readers, below is the link of a video in which Mr Wahab (on 01:22, 02:53, 05:26, 06:14) can be seen in action too. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2613sq_pia-passengers-throw-rehman-malik-off-the-flight_fun . Not only Mr Wahab, on 06:14, we can see him accompanied by Ms Atifa Asghar who is Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility at Telenor Pakistan. We can’t actually hear what they are shouting, but at this time they jointly directing MNA Ramesh Kumar to get off from the plane.

It is quite surprising for us that Gerry’s Group fired Mr Arjumand, who was a regular passenger, from the company after facing 10 days of immense pressure from some undeclared authorities, why the Pakistani telecom industry didn’t notice involvement of two local telecom “big guns”…PIA 001PIA 003PIA 005pia004

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