Electronics fair concludes


The electrical and electronics fair, featuring modern energy saving technologies, concluded at the expo centre. The Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Badar Expo Solutions organised the exhibition.

The IEEEP Fair 2014 exhibited more than 75 companies, hailing from China and Singapore, and manufacturing setups in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, engineer Mohsin M Syed, chief executive officer of National Industrial Park, said, “It is our utmost desire to end the shortage of electricity in our country and with this aim in mind the IEEEP fair has been a strong step towards showing policymakers and all concerns about the latest energy saving technologies and solutions, which are practical and easily applicable.”

Syed, who is also the president of IEEEP, “Harnessing of renewable energy sources would soon bring out the country from perpetual energy poverty and make energy affordable for all rich and poor.”

He congratulated IEEEP – Karachi Centre and Badar Expo Solution for successfully organising the event.

The Chairman IEEEP – Karachi Centre said, “The encouraging response and success of the third IEEEP Fair has set a precedent for the fourth fair and we will bring out the next year’s IEEEP fair on a much larger scale, a much higher level and with a greater impact while covering other fields of engineering”.

He further said, “We will focus on our market and constantly improve the overall level of IEEEP fair with professional assistance of Badar Expo Solutions”.

Later, the chief guest engineer Syed along with engineer M Asif Siddiqui, chairman of IEEEP, and Zahid Rasheed, executive director of Badar Expo Solutions gave away the shields and awards to the exhibitors, sponsors and key members of the organising committee.


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