Nokia Networks and Intel accelerate the development of new applications and services

Nokia Networks and Intel® are launching a new innovation center in Bath, UK. It will provide resources and capabilities to enable the development of new mobile broadband applications and services based on Nokia Networks’ Liquid Applications* with support from its AppFactory**. The solution is powered by Intel technology-based servers and deployed at base stations. Intelligent data processing located at the edge of the network*** brings distributed cloud computing capabilities closer to mobile phone users, enabling a new breed of local services. EE, the first UK operator to benefit from this facility, will be testing the solution with plans to provide connectivity from its own live LTE network to facilitate the initiative.
“The opening of this innovation center in the UK gives us the chance to continue to introduce world-leading new services on to our LTE network,” said Mansoor Hanif, Director of RAN & Programs at EE. “Testing in this state of the art new center offers us an opportunity to fully explore the value which our network can bring to our customers, through innovations such as Liquid Applications, keeping us ahead of the competition and bringing the best minds in innovation to the UK.”
With Liquid Applications, the base station is equipped with general purpose computing technology including an Intel technology-powered server to provide intelligent processing and storage capabilities for content and applications. This accelerates the delivery of smartphone or tablet-based content and services, while reducing the amount of data passing between the base station and the network or the internet.
These enhancements allow for optimization of both cloud-based and local services to be efficiently deployed closer to the subscriber. For example, frequently accessed data such as instant video replays or player statistics at sports venues can be delivered to nearby users
which alleviates operator network load as content does not have to be repeatedly requested over the network. As a result, user experience is significantly improved.
Ultra-responsiveness will also enable new localized services like augmented reality, real-time business promotions, or new proximity and context-based features.
“The joint initiative is a strong reiteration of the collaboration to develop Liquid Applications for the market.  This will also play a key role in transforming the UK’s mobile services landscape,” said Dirk Lindemeier, head of Liquid Applications at Nokia Networks. “We welcome all operators to join us in this exciting venture which also offers tremendous opportunities for application developers to show their skills to the world.”
“Intel is committed to innovation in mobile computing. By positioning intelligent computing platforms closer to mobile devices, we are enabling a richer, more customized user experience.” said Brian Aherne, EMEA Marketing Director at Intel’s Communications Infrastructure Division. “In partnering with Nokia Networks we are committed to foster the adoption of mobile edge cloud and enable an active, diverse and vibrant ecosystem with multiple operator partners.”
Having recently announced a Liquid Applications deployment in the Middle East****, Nokia Networks continues to develop mobile edge cloud and Liquid Applications to help operators deliver innovative and profitable mobile broadband services. This center is a proof-point of the company’s efforts to promote the deployment of Liquid Applications across operator networks globally.

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