3G broadband connectivity essential to sustainable development. Asher


 Ufone observed the World Telecom Day, celebrating the recent 3G launch in Pakistan, which is in line with this year’s theme of ‘Broadband for sustainable development’.

This year’s event highlighted the importance and outreach of high speed internet throughout the world, relevant with the current scenario in Pakistan. Ufone, realizing this importance, celebrated this event with full zest and enthusiasm, highlighting the introduction of 3G and its far reaching impact on the country.

“High-speed affordable 3G broadband connectivity to the internet is essential to sustainable development of the country and can offer widely recognized economic and social benefits,” said Asher Yaqub Khan, CCO at Ufone

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have gained tremendous importance worldwide; with the introduction of high speed broadband internet the importance has increased four folds,” he added. “The introduction of 3G mobile broadband in Pakistan has unleashed new horizons for the country as it enters a new digital age. But, what needs to kept in mind is that its direction should be towards sustainable development of the country.”

The importance of this technology can be deciphered from the fact that by 2018, 85% of the world’s population will have access to internet via 3G technology. The sustainable use of this technology can have wide ranging benefits.If used properly, it has the potential to boost the development and growth of a country.

Studies have shown that a 10% increase in penetration can elevate the GDP by 1%. Moreover, an increase in the broadband speed(double) can increase the GDP by 0.3%.

Khan stressing upon the importance of sustainable growth said, “The 3G mobile broadband technology and sustainable development have a deep relation, whereby amazing results can be achieved without having any negative effects.”

He added: “23rd April was a historic day for Pakistan. We re-wrote history as the country entered a new era of digital communications. This technology will open new doors of development for my fellow countrymen in the fields of mobile commerce, health, education, agriculture and provide employment to hundreds and thousands of people.”

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