Auction will be complet by 23rd April. Anusha


Anusha Rehman, Minister for State, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, straight away refused to the recommendation and said that auction will be completed by April 23rd, as per plans.

Authorities concerned confirmed ProPakistani that yesterday’s recommendations are not being considered by the government and that auction of next-gen licenses will be held as per announced plan.

According to the PTA Reorganisation Act of 1996, majority members of the PTA are able to enforce decisions.

It merits mentioning here that recommendations of Senate’s standing committee do not bear any legal standing. All the recommendations may or may not be incorporated by the government. Its facts that the rules have been amended in light of new amendment after two month the recommendations made by committee have to be implemented if government have on objection.

Senators Faysil Raza Abidi And Zahid Khan said we have indicated the issues and we will followed it after auction.     

On the other hand In anticipation of the 3G/4G auction, telecom companies have started to adopted measures for secrecy and avoid any misshape regarding their planning. According to various sources telecom companies have started to disconnect their senior management’s phones so that they can avoid any accidental leak of their company’s plans.

The auction is that is due on 23rd April will see telecom companies bid for the long awaited 3G/4G license. Telecom companies will be submitting their documentation on 14th April which will include their network capacity, their preparation for implementing 3G/4G and other relevant information.  On 17th of April qualified companies will be notified to take part in the auction till which it is expected phones of senior management may not be functional.

This is the most crucial moment of Pakistan Telecom sector since millions of dollars is expected to be raised to gain the allusive licenses. It is understandable that these companies will take these precautionary measures to protect their plans and preparation.

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