Google removes anti-Islamic film from Youtube


ISLAMABAD ( ABRAR MUSTAFA ) Government of Pakistan has no hurdle to re open YOU TUBE for Pakistani viewers. Because  Google has removed anti-Islamic film from Youtube, after a US Appeals court on Wednesday ordered it to do so. In this regard the decision would be in next week when Minister of state Mrs Anusha Rehman and Other high officer of Moitt  & Telecom Authority return from Barcelona.

The video, “Innocence of Muslims,” has incited international outrage and sparked protests around the world including Pakistan.

YouTube has been banned in Pakistan since September 2012 when an anti-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ sparked worldwide protests. On Wednesday this week a US court ordered the removal of the film after a lawsuit by an actress who claimed she was tricked into appearing in the blasphemous

The suit was originally brought on by Cindy Lee Garcia, who starred in the film. Garcia asserted that she had been hired to act in a different film, named ‘Desert Warrior’ that never was released, and that the footage was used in a movie that was unrecognizable as the one she originally signed on to do. In a particularly controversial scene, another voice had been partially dubbed over her footage.

Legally, Garcia claimed she was able to independently copyright her performance in the film. She also said she’d received death threats, and had suffered “irreparable harm.”

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