E-health related systems and applications that use mobile phones


Ministry of  Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOIT) is initiating projects with  universities and industry to promote e-learning among the youth.

The implementing Body of the Ministry, National ICT Research and Development Fund is initially focusing on providing training material for learning English language and mathematics at high school level. Official sources said the Department plans to develop e-health related systems and applications that use mobile phones and expert systems to impart continued education and better advice to citizens in rural areas. Similarly, the sources said research and development initiatives are being supported with focus on increasing the effectiveness of services delivered by Lady Health Workers (LHW) in rural areas.

They said the wealth of information available on Internet is empowering individuals and organizations throughout the world, adding that unfortunately, for majority of our population most of the information is in English language and we are supporting efforts to make it easier to develop content in local languages.

The sources said to empower young citizens through Internet connectivity and to promote social networks, the Department would impart training in high school on creating content in local languages.

This training will be followed by a sequence of competitions for young minds on developing web page and content that can be of great value to their peers.—

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