ICH Issue is now going to be settled by High Court.


In recent developments regarding the International Calling House, Telenor Pakistan has taken a bold step by getting out of it. This has prompted numerous companies to approach Islamabad High Court to issue a stay order against companies leaving ICH. A source that wanted to be unnamed stated that Telenor Pakistan left ICH on Saturday whereas the Stay Order was issued on Monday making them exempt from the order. They are still working independently in transferring international calls through their own network rather than using PTCL’s network. He also added that Telenor Pakistan intends to go court and present their point of view regarding their withdrawal.

It should be mentioned here that Telenor Pakistan did mention to concerned authorities about the problems they were facing through ICH like mobile termination rate and wanted action on it. However it seems that their demands for help were unmet resulting in its withdrawal from international Calling House.  It is saddening that the issue that should have been solved by MOIT and PTA is now going to be settled by Islamabad High Court.

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