$2 billion from the auction of 3G Spectrum is almost unachievable.


Targeting to get $2b from the auction of 3G, the government of Pakistan seems to have set a target that is simply unachievable under the current circumstances.

Although all the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are all-set to switch to 3G from 2G but the ambiguities in the documentation exchanging between Ministry of IT & Telecom and PTA, it is even impossible to have a crystal clear auction of much-awaited 3G Spectrum. In the latest Policy Directive issued by the M/o IT & Telecom to PTA, the copy of which is available with www.telecoalert.com,  the road map to get the return of almost $2 billion from the auction of 3 5MHz Spectrum is absolutely missing.

A local telecom expert while explaining his reservations on the auction process of 3G spectrum revealed that this Policy Directive is been issued without getting vetted by the concerned legal experts. “Under such situation, how can one expect that the auction process will have absolute legal value”, he maintained.

www.telecoalert.com also learnt that under the reign of Farooq Awan, the consultants that were hired to supervise the auction process were told to be rewarded as much as they get to earn for the government of Pakistan. But this government is in agreement with the consultants to be paid $ 1.7million against their services without setting any target for them to achieve.


Under such situation, telecom experts anticipate that the target set by Mr Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister for Finance, to fetch $2 billion from the auction of 3G Spectrum is almost unachievable.

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