Anusha chaire BOD of PSEB


Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman chaired the 21st Board of Directors meeting of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). Federal Secretary Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed Tarrar and Member IT Mr. Amir Malik were also present there. The Board reviewed the status of IT Companies and Software Houses currently registered with PSEB, status of their respective International Certifications and way forward to increase the number of such certified software companies to  boast Pakistans software export, Establishment of the art technology Parks and PSEB’s performance audit report. The Minister of State showed concerns regarding the low performance and low productivity initiative of PSEB and directed that there is a dire need to take corrective measures to revive the organization, make it more productive and aligned with its mandate to promote IT Industry of Pakistan. In this regard she advised to start programs of Company Certifications (CMMI & ISO 27001) and work aggressively for development of IT Parks. The Minister further emphasized the importance of PSEB’s role in positioning of Pakistan as a leading destination for IT business for foreign investors.

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