New Telecom Policy by funding of World Bank


Ministry Information technology & Telecom has been hired consultant  for new Telecom  Police. Well placed source told Telecoalert .com that The Information Technology and telecom policies are out dated and it is very much needed to reviews these policies.

Ministry Information Technology have Member Telecom but with the fund of world Bank is going to  hire counsalting firm to reviwe the Telecom policy. Govenment of Pakistan getting .05 Million US$ from public services  development fund. Which was for development of roads and other schemes. It is Member Telecom duty to review the telecom policy. Butt he is failed to do so.

It is also learnet that Ministry Telecom selected counsalted company who did not have capability to handle the task. The company management is searching personality  to solve the issue and fulfill the duty from telecom sector.

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