E-office replication project has entered into the implementation phase.


Minister of State for IT Ms.Anusha Rahman chaired a meeting regarding the implementation of E-office system; the meeting was attended by Additional Secretary Mr. Azmat Ranjha Ministry of IT, Senior Executives of EGD/PCB and Senior Representatives of LMKT.

The Minister stated that it is an historic occasion that finally the strenuous and ceaseless efforts by the Ministry of IT the agreement for data hosting facilities regarding implementation of E-office project have been signed between EGD/PCB and PTCL. And now the E-office replication project has entered into the implementation phase.

The Minister noted with deep regret that E-government project remained unimplemented since 2007, only because EGD/PCB could not establish a data hosting center despite its allocation in PSDP. But now the team at Ministry of IT will ensure that this project is implemented within stipulated time period.

The Minister reiterated that the security of the E-office system is the most important element so that no one would be able purge the record. As the security, transparency and efficiency are the key features of the project, the Minister also directed the EGD/PCB to make all necessary arrangements for the training of the officials of all Ministries so that we could get maximum benefits.

In the implementation phase the work will be monitored expeditiously against KPI’s/targets and no further delay would be tolerated Minister added.

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