Zong still has much to do for its LDI license


It seems that Zong still has much to do for its Long distance & International license (LDI) with Sindh High Court issuing a stay order against the petition filed by telecom companies found in Karachi.

This is a severe blow to Zong Telecom Company which has been trying to get a LDI License for some time. There was writ petition submitted in Sindh High Court that stated that with no new telecom policy no such ruling should be passed that allows a company to get LDI License. This petition was submitted by two telecom companies in Karachi.

Among the major five telecom companies Zong is the only one that doesn’t has a LDI license. For telecom companies it is imperative that they should have this license since it’s a considerable source of income for them.   Zong entered the market after the privatization of PTCL.

Zong was unfortunate to enter late in the market since after the privatization of PTCL, the sale and purchase agreement has inhibited any company from getting LDI License till April 2013.  This allows Zong to get the allusive LDI License which it deserves since this condition has expired and with PTA presence which is now the foremost authority in telecom industry.

In reference to this court ruling the concerned authorities at Zong has said that they will be respond on the matter after seeing the writ petiten




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