PTA clarification about selection of counsaltant firm for 3G auction


Pakistan Telecom Authority has completed the process of selection of counsaltant for 3G and next generation mobile services last weekend.  Value Partner Management Consultant limited was declared successful. After notification of new Chairman PTA Dr Ismail its first majar annouancement which showed very serious impect on 3G auction process.

Regarding selection of consulting firm Telecom sector have serious concern and reservation. The selected firm has not experience about spectrum auction in any country. The website of said company have no record in this regard. Even website also did not have any information about any capability about 3G and next generation mobile services. The visitors of Value Partners Management Consulting website did not find any material about 3G and next generation mobile service.

Pakistan Telecom authority received bids three international consulting firm for 3G auction among seven biders. These firms have confirms experience about 3G and next generation mobile services auctions. PTA authority did not consider these firm bids. An other point is more important that the selected firm is from Uk. Which is main hub of major political party of Pakistan.

PTA  issued clarification on Monday that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has completed the evaluation process for the selection of a consultant of international repute for the auction of next generation mobile services under the policy directive of the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom (MoIT&T).

After a detailed review of the financial bids, opened on November 23, 2013 in the presence of all five bidders who qualified during the evaluation of technical bids, Value Partner Management Consulting Limited was declared successful. The successful firm is a Consortium Consultant of USA, UK, Singapore and Spain.

After the completion of further formalities the successful Consultant is expected to be invited to formally sign a contract soon. With the appointment of consultant, a major step in the auction of spectrum would be completed. It will help in timely finalization of important aspects of the upcoming auction such as Information Memorandum (IM) for intended bidders, method of auction and the base price.

It may be mentioned that for the hiring of consultant PTA advertised in national and international newspapers in response to which it received bids from seven world-renowned consultants till the last date of November 12, 2013. PTA Committees formed to evaluate the proposals diligently evaluated technical and financial bids and finalized the consultant well in time and in accordance with PPRA rules. The report of the process for the hiring of consultant of Spectrum Auction is also being made available on PTA website


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