Newly Appointed Members PTA has met with controversy and issues


The reconstitution of PTA has met with controversy and issues within hours. All three newly nominated members of PTA have started facing different allegations. Nominated acting PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah is still facing inquiry in Ministry of Information and Technology.   He is facing the inquiry for misuse of power.  Second member   Mr. Tariq Sultan has dual nationality which is controversial.  Third member of enforcement and compliance Justice ….. who is also Federal Secretary Law and Justice  has been given additional charges which is against the rules and regulations of PTA.  It should be stated here that the appointment falls in contempt of court since Lahore High Court has already issued verdict on the said matter.

A high powered commission was created by Cabinet Division which was headed by Rasheed Chaudry Ex Federal Secretary and now heads the Tax Ombudsman.    Commission has interviewed more than two dozen candidates for these three posts. His recommendation was accepted for two posts and third nomination was not considered by Federal Secretaries.  It has been confirmed through different viable sources that Kamran Ali was shortlisted for the post of member enforcement and compliance. But some circles in bureaucracy didn’t like as a member of PTA  and wanted their own handpicked person for the post. This resounds of the power struggle going between technocrats and bureaucrats since December 2012. Bureaucracy seems to be focusing on playing an inhibitive role in the PTA and hinder its performance and efficiency.