Supreme court Reject Request of Mobile companies.


Justice Tassadaq Hussain Jillani has remarked “ how can some one be stopped from talking to other at night unless telephone is misused.

He further remarked “PTA is dysfunctional, therefore, how can it ban such matters. How can any one be stopped from talking to other unless misuse of telephone is involved.

He gave these remarks while presiding over a 2-member bench of Supreme Court during the course of hearing of appeal plea filed by mobile phone companies against the decision of Islamabad High Court (IHC) in inexpensive night chat packages case on Wednesday.

The court remarked “ how can such steps be taken when chairman PTA and its members have not been inducted.  IHC has not issued any notice to chairman PTA and has given the decision.

Mobile companies requested the court to issue stay order against IHC decision.

The court said “we first of all hear Attorney General (AG)   in this regard and give the decision.

The court issued notices to AG and PTA and adjourned the hearing of the appeal plea  for indefinite period. –

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