A meeting was held at the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) between senior officials and representatives of the IT Industry in Pakistan. The meeting was presided by the Honorable Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rehman to discuss matters pertaining to strengthening the governance of the IT sector, identifying relevant issues and charting out ways for effective solutions through available plate forms of PSEB/ PCB/ EGD.

The agenda for the meeting was to get the input from the IT Industry members on how to ensure efficient mechanisms and processes of the functioning arms of the Ministry. A presentation was shared by the Ministry on the issues that were being faced and possible resolutions. The Secretary and Additional Secretary also shared their input and concerns regarding the issues at hand.

The members of the IT Industry also shared their valuable suggestions and reviews on how the processes can be streamlined and bottlenecks can alleviated. The Minister of State requested the President PASHA, Ms. Jehan Ara and the other representatives to come up with their feedback with respect to development of infrastructure and promotion of the IT Industry in the country.

The National IT Policy of Pakistan was also discussed with regards to reach to a mechanism of ensuring that it is aligned with the core needs of the IT Sector in the country. Feedback was sought from all participants to render the Draft IT Policy as concise and cohesive so that it can be brought to a conclusive stage for its approval from the competent forum as well as implementation by the Ministry.

At the end of the session, the Minister of State concluded that suggestions from the IT Industry were very relevant for the optimal restructuring of the organizational processes, recommendations for allocation of funds and focused implementation of the mandates of the Ministerial entities.

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