Government of Pakistan failed to comply with the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan


Government of Pakistan failed to comply with the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Supreme Court had directed Government of Pakistan to appoint members and Chairman PTA with in ten days so that the Chairman will explain to the Court on the progress of 3G auction on 16th September 2013.  Chief Justice Iftkhar Muhammad Chaudry issue order to complete Telecom Authority within 10 days.

According to one reliable source the cabinet division had to appoint the Chairman and members of Pakistan Telecom Authority in which it has failed. But it has shortlisted candidates from 165 applicants to 45 and now is looking into these shortlisted candidates they have to choose one man for three different categories.  For this purpose a consultant company was hired to provide assistance in recruitment and selection process. Simultaneously there has also been formulation of three member board to overlook this process. It is worthwhile to mention that one member from this member has returned to the country and it is anticipated that the process will end next week.

Government Of Pakistan will go to the Supreme Court tomorrow to ask for more time in selection process. So that they can complete the process and comply with the orders of the Supreme Court coherently. On Monday Supreme court three member bench headed by Mt Justice Tassdaq Jillani will hear the case.  

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