Akhlaq has replaced Kamran Ali Qureshi who has not impressed the government


A big change in MOIT occurred  as Federal Secretary Kamran Ali Quershi and additional secretary Ejaz Ali transferred to other ministries.  Federal government has appointed Akhlaq Ahmed Tarar as new federal secretary for IT and Telecom whereas, Azmat Ali Ranjha has been given the portfolio of additional secretary for IT and Telecom. Akhlaq who belongs to Punjab is considered more trust worthy bureaucrat for PML-N leadership who is not happy with the progress of work at Ministry of Information & Technology.

Akhlaq has replaced Kamran Ali Qureshi who has not impressed the government in various matters including YouTube, Blasphemous content, Grey calls and above all 3G. It is expected, with new team in place, several other officials will be changed in the coming days.

Something like this is not something that happens in general routine.  It is true that Governments exchanges secretaries and other higher officers from one ministry to another.   According to one credible and responsible source disclosed that this change happened due to Minister of State MOIT Anusha Rehman will.  The reason for this is said to be the both officers were not complying with the wishes of Anusha Rehman since these were not within the rules and regulations of Government affairs.  Anusha Rehman is currently Minister of State but she is ruling the ministry as a full minister without any mandatory notification.   It must be stated here that numerous high officers did point out to the Minister of State that she cannot have the full minister powers.  Although both Kamran Ali Quershi and Ejaz Ali are competent and cooperative officers and were working within the framework of rules and regulations.  Friday evening both were transferred from MOIT on which the spokesperson of the ministry stated that this was a routine matter and it doesn’t warrant to be news.

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