Warid Telecom sales have been pushed to next month


Warid Telecom sales have been pushed to next month.  Mobile companies are now pushing themselves away from the company since it has been discovered that Warid Telecom has considerable amount of loans and outstanding payments.  Ufone and Zong has started negotiations with Warid over the recent developments regarding its heavy outstanding payments and loans and a new deal can be made.  Ufone and Zong have both offered one billion dollars each but once these liabilities came into light both have taken precautionary stance and negotiating with Warid Telecom.  According to one source PTCL will be placing a new bid instead of Etilsalat. For this reason PTCL will acquire permission from board of directors PTCL soon.

If PTCL purchases Warid, then Ufone and Warid will collectively have 20 megahertz spectrum.  It means Ufone doesn’t require 3G or 4G technology or its license.  This is understandable considering that that 20 megahertz is considerable spectrum and Ufone will emerge as a powerful company should it acquire Warid. Simultaneously should Ufone buys Warid the consumer base  of Ufone will expand and Ufone will become SMP company.

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