Serious Reservations Regarding the un-necessary delays in the IT projects


A meeting regarding the review of PSDP IT Projects of Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) was held on 2nd August, 2013 under the chairmanship of Ms. Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan, Minister of State for IT.

The Minister of State for IT showed serious reservations regarding the un-necessary delays in the IT projects implemented by both departments across the country. She said that in the past PCB & EGD focused on the procurement of hardware instead of development of software’s.  She further directed that PCB & EGD may only continue the useful and productive IT Projects and close, the delayed IT projects since many years, within 1st Quarter of the current financial years in order to pay the pending liabilities

The Minister for State for IT directed for the implementation on fast track basis of Land Revenue Record Management System (LRRMIS) being deployed in the Capital. It is worth mentioning that during the last month 265 097 records has been digitized in the system on the directions of Minister of State for IT.

Moreover, the Minister was informed that the Online Tracking System for Locomotives and Freight Wagons of Pakistan Railways (OTS) software has been developed and installed at Pakistan Railways H/Qs for the testing purpose. In this regard, the Chairperson directed that EGD management should keep close liaison with the Ministry of Railways for its successful and in-time completion.

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