USF fund on the other hand cannot be placed into the CFP


Chief Justice Ch. Iftikhar M. Chaudry has stressed that 3G is incredibly important for the country. It will allow access to latest technologies to the public. Government will be able to earn revenue as well. Bureaucracy should not play with the future of the country. The world has progressed to 4G technology. Justice Jawad S. Khawaja has asked the Ministry of Telecom as to what has been the progress in this regard as the draft for 3G auction which has been delayed since 2011. Supreme Court also asked Ministry of Finance as to why it has taken away funds from USF that amount to 62 billion rupees and under what authority.  Only USF has the right to spend the money and no one else. Supreme Court has summoned secretary finance to clarify the actions of Ministry of Finance as to why they have taken the funds.

It should be stated here that in circulated funds only tax money and revenue can be kept.  USF fund on the other hand cannot be placed into the CFP.. Supreme Court has issued notice to Secretary Finance over this matter and clarifies the actions of Ministry of Finance.  During hearing additional Secretrery IT told about 3G auction that Lahore High court is already pursuing the matter at which Chief Justice said that lower court should send the file to Supreme court. So that on sixth of August a complete hearing could be carried out.  Cabinet Division Secretary has also given his statement. Chief Justice said that to those present that if you don’t have the power or will to do anything about 3G auction  then Supreme Court can constitute commission to complete this job.  He said that billions of rupees were earned on YouTube what did you do?

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