The Doors are closed for public and Media Of MoiTT


The Doors are closed for public and Media of ministry Information Technology and Telecom.The first signs of E-Governance are now getting apparent with the MOITT offices becoming closed to general public and Journalists.    E- Governance was inaugurated by Minister of State Anusha Rehman yesterday.  The purpose of E-governance is to offer people clean and efficient way through which they can know what is happening in the government. But closing the doors is not a good sign since barring journalists takes away any way through which information can be passed to the masses.

Few days back Anusha Rehman had been critized for replacing Quaid E Azam picture from the Ministry Offices with that of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.  By barring general public and journalists things are to get worse since complaints and speculations can rise.  This is opposite of Muslim League Central leadership’s thinking and policies. Which will only aggravate matters.