According to sources it has been revealed that YouTube is in the process of being opened again. It is reported that the intelligence agencies are not on the same page as Ministry of Telecom on this matter.  It should be Telecom Authority and Ministry of Telecom has placed around 1800 websites in the page filtration system.

It was expected that YouTube was to resume services in Pakistan since under the supervision of Minster of State Anusha Rehman numerous meetings have been held in both Telecom Authority and Telecom Ministry.  The main agenda of these meetings was to create evaluate the process through which YouTube was to be opened again.

In the previous week meeting it was decided that at least 1800 websites were to be placed in website and page on filtration system so that controversial websites and content cannot seening in Pakistan. But experts have termed that such systems are not effective. They believe that such systems will not be able to stop controversial material in Pakistan. Secondly it should be noted that YouTube was decided to be banned in the country in a high level meeting in which Finance Ministry, Ministry of Foreign and Interior PTA FAB along with sensitive apparatus were present. But current regime of the Muslim League N happens to reopen the social media website through Pakistan Telecom Authority alone. For reopening any website that was banned in a high level meeting it is imperative that another high level meeting having all the relevant ministries are present.

On the other hand it appears that intelligence agencies have shown grave reservations against reopening of the website where it is expected that religious parties and circles will also criticise the action of the government severely which have been supporting PML N strongly.

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