Telenor to be in a tight situation


Telenor’s CEO statement has garnered criticism and anger among political and government circles.  In fact in Telecom sector there has been outcry of anger. This has led Telenor to be in a tight situation.

In telecom industry there is not a general opinion that the Government of Pakistan has not interfered nor has it made it obstructive for the companies to work. On the other hand it has been offering an environment in which these companies are surviving. Government has taken action and remain committed to the promises and agreements made with the Telecom companies. Whereas in neighboring country, India companies are facing scrutiny and loss to business that is evident from the two international companies that include both Etisilat and Telenor.  Etisilat has already left India whereas Telenor had to spend twice the amount to save its license which is reported to be around 660 million dollars. Telenor has been charged with corruption cases in 22 countries.

Telenor Group senior officer Toray Johnson clarification on the matter is not being given any attention and there is general demand from all sides that the CEO Telenor Pakistan should apologize for his statements.  There are rumours now that Telenor Pakistan CEO has complained that his words are being twisted and the meaning is being changed.  Whereas CEO Telenor Pakistan or his PR team has not issued any statement which is still awaited by Government officials and Telecom sectors.

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