Mr Kamran Ali Member Law And Mr Amir Malik  Member Telecom may be back on their seat within weak and termination order going to suspended. Its strong news within telecom sector as source inform us that Minister incharge Information Technology & Telecom Dr Sania Nishter advice addional sectary Dr Zafar Qadir to wrote summery for Prime Minister Office.

As we get documents regarding corespoding between Minister Moit and Sectary about termination of both officers. Dr Sania Nishter wrote  I have discussed the matter relating to Amir Malik and Kamran Ali’s premature termination with PSPM. The termination, as you know, happened without our knowledge and concurrence. We have agreed that we will initialize the reinstatement summary when you are back from Geneva on Monday May 20, 2013. We need them in the organization as so many policy processes are underway and without the right technical capacity, we will really have a problem. Both of them are technically very sound and I have always found their advice on matters objective and unbiased. I was delighted that you were of the same opinion when we spoke yesterday on the phone. I wish we had known in time that establishment division was proceeding with this termination as then we could have stopped them in time.

On her massage Dr Zafar Qadir assured federal Minister that he compliance  as She advice him. In words He wrote that  Moving a summary for cancellation of their termination seems to be the right thing to do at this stage. Your consent and concurrence gives me added support and strenght to take it up with the PM Secretariat / Establishment Division this week. Would keep you in the loop regarding the development on the subject.

Prime Minister appointed Mr. Sadiq Sanjrani ( coordinator at PM House) and Lt. Gen Muhammad Javed ( Chairman Steel Mills ) on the board. The Members took a stance that these two had nothing to do with the Government and are not related and relevant people. As they opposed these nominations, and as a result result were terminated. Also government wants to sign a MoU with ZTE (Chinese state owned company) on GoTA project worth $150 Million. The government wants to sign this on May 23 and we opposed and refused to endorse the project since the project cost would be given as loan from tge Government of China with interest and awarding it against PPRA rules directly would be a big violation.

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