Our shareholders’ sustained confidence and trust in PTCL.Chairman PTCL BoD

Islamabad (MEDIA)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) held its 17th Annual General meeting here today. Chaired by Chairman, PTCL Board of Directors, Amir Tariq Zaman Khan and attended by a large number of PTCL shareholders. The meeting apprised the shareholders of the company’s ongoing efforts and achievements attainted during the past financial year.

“Despite the economic challenges facing the country, PTCL has remained strong in emerging segments of broadband both in wire-line as well as wireless and other corporate services”, said Mr. Amir Tariq in his opening remarks. “For the year under review, PTCL Group’s profit after tax was Rs. 11.5 billion, 36% higher compared to the profit achieved last year, where Group’s revenue was Rs.110.8 billion for the year 2011-12 which is 8% higher as compared to the previous year.”

Chairman PTCL BoD Amir Tariq Zaman Khan assured the shareholders that all strategies planned and implemented by the board are aimed towards utilizing PTCL’s full potential and to achieve the corporate objectives with competence and determination.

“Our shareholders’ sustained confidence and trust in PTCL is a result of our continued commitment to ensuring transparent and seamless flow of information”, said President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid “Our strategies revolve around building a unique customer experience by bringing products which meet the needs of the future. ”

PTCL was declared the leading operator in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s 2011 Quality of Service survey for providing the highest quality Broadband Internet service to consumers. PTCL also celebrated the historic milestone of becoming the first Broadband service provider to achieve ‘One Million Broadband Customers’ mark this year.

The year under review saw a wide range of new services and products introduced under the banner of 3G ‘EVO’. Launch of 3G EVO Tab, a 7 inch Wi-Fi tablet and EVODROID, a smart phone with built in 3G EVO capability, for high speed internet-on-the-go connectivity established PTCL as the pioneer in the country for mobile data connectivity. Another first was Tenda 3G Wi-Fi router that supports 3G connectivity through plug-in of any 3G EVO device.

The shareholders unanimously approved all the agenda items of the meeting. At the end the Chairman thanked all the valued shareholders and participants for their presence and support.

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