The new mechanism will be administered by the security agencies


To ensure that pornographic and anti Islamic content is made inaccessible along with strict measures against illegal transfer international telephone calls Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will be implementing a state of the art system. The new mechanism will be administered by the security agencies. This was told by the Chairman PTA Farooq Awan talking to journalists.

He stated that creation of an International Calling house, stopping illegal international calls and to ensure that pornographic and anti Islamic material will be blocked on the internet in Pakistan.

Farooq Awan also told the gathering that the initial plans to hand over the international calling house to an international organization but this have been rejected and sensitive agencies will manage the house. This will allow not only to ensure that anti Islamic and pornographic content is prohibited but also around 800-900 million dollars is expected to be earned and injected into the national treasure.

He said that in the previous three years international companies were charging their customers around 16 cents whereas government of Pakistan was getting only 1.24 cents which left the country with only one million dollars of annual revenue which was once around 500 to 600 million dollars. This will ensure that foreign currency will not be leaving the company.

Farooq Awan was optimistic as he said that with the local security agencies overlooking the international calling house there will be minimal chances of controversial content coming into the country. A private company will be handling the international calling house along with the security agencies whereas the modern equipment will be provided by private telecom companies. The monitoring facilities will allow the defaulters companies to pay their due amounts.

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